Tolkien’s Birthday Bash-Slaying the Competition

Every year my friends and I participate in the Kennedy School Tolkien Birthday Bash.  They have live music, dancing, The Willamette Radio Workshop does a dramatic reading from The Hobbit, there is bountiful delicious food, the full screening of extended LOTR, and our favorite part, the costume competition.

Kennedy School
Tolkien Day Poster

No Hobbit Day is complete without an epic cheese tray. We enjoyed ours the night before while we worked on the finishing touches of our three person Smaug the Magnificent costume until about 12AM…we had to get it just right!!

Epic Cheese Tray

A fellow hobbit had given me an incredible drinking horn for Christmas, and this was it’s big debut! We spent the whole day filling it with beer and drinking to our victory and triumph!

FullSizeRender (1)
Horn of Triumph! (Filled with Beer, of course!)

We started the day by watching Fellowship of the Ring, drinking beer, and, OF COURSE, brunch!!  We had a hobbit sized meal with classic eggs benedict, an open faced smoked salmon sandwich with a side of hollandaise, a delicious breakfast burrito filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, and hash browns, topped with avocado, sour cream and house made salsa, and a delicious home-made biscuits and gravy. We triumphantly marched into the theatre wearing Smaug, and were pleasantly surprised by the cheering, clapping, and standing ovation we received…and the day had barely begun! Once we were seated, we got more comfortable clothing on and put Smaug in a safe place until the competition.

We also spent the ENTIRE day eating like hobbits. Kennedy School had prepared an incredible Tolkien/LOTR themed menu just for the occasion.

Delicious foods!
Delicious foods!

I have to say, the Hobbit inspired beer was absolutely superb!

When it came time for the costume contest, we suited up in our matching dragon-scale leggings, black shirts, and got into our giant Smaug.

The Hangry Hobbits and their Smaug

We were blown away by how well received Smaug was.  He looked good, adults loved him, most kids were in awe (however we did make one cry and we had to show them how he worked so she wouldn’t be afraid anymore!) One child even went home bound and determined to make their own dragon.

Being slain by a Bilbo

We definitely had pre-competition shenanigans with others in costume pretending to slay us or posing for photos with us.  You can check out more epic costumes from the competition here.

Strutting our stuff

When Smaug the Magnificent was finally called, we strutted up to the microphone and introduced ourselves in a pre-recorded Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug introduction.  It was so much fun! The Master of Ceremonies even asked if we were professional puppeteers as he was so blown away by our costume and movements.

12509409_10156416397335052_2714472159164696802_n (1)
Bringing the prize home!

The Hangry Hobbits ended up taking first prize in the competition (so we can now say we are award winning Tolkien costumers!) which was a one night stay at the Kennedy School Hotel, dinner and breakfast for two, and free beer…I would say that’s a prize well worth the effort!!

Check out the video of our win here:



You can make your own dragon head here: How to Build Your Dragon Part 1 of 2

Here is how the body of the dragon was constructed:  How to Build Your Dragon Part 2 of 2


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Rindell Fairbairn

My name is Rindell, Rindell Fairbairn, Rin for short, and you have somehow managed to find Hangry Hobbits, so, welcome! I hail from the rollin’ green hills and my cozy hobbit hole in the Shire is where I hang my cloak. My mother is Primrose Proudfoot and my father is Falco Fairbairn. My evenin’s are spent goin’ with Pen down to the Green Dragon and getting’ a cold refreshin’ pint (they come in pints in the Shire, now, too!) and relaxin’ in the sun with my feet in the dirt and my back against a tall tree, “Old Toby” halfling’s leaf in hand (get it fresh from Pen’s garden), and it’s always a party to remember when Gandalf shows up with some of his fireworks! Though I’m not one to ever turn away from a shortcut to mushrooms, very rarely do I set foot outside of the Shire…if home is where the heart is, then my heart is in these the woods, the fields, the little rivers and grassy knolls, reliable wildflowers, and, of course, second breakfasts.

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