Shelob Cosplay: Samwise the Brave

Making the backpack!

Samwise Toy featuring backpack
Samwise the Brave

For our Kennedy School Extravaganza this year, Pen and I decided to build a fairly elaborate costume! For this particular part of the costume, I needed a Samwise the Brave backpack and could not find ANYTHING I liked online (I’m also preposterously picky!).

Additionally, I already had the rest of the costume from years of being a hobbit, so this was really the last thing I needed to be true to the screen character.

These are the old things I found laying around the house (so I didn’t even have to make a store trip!):

To start with, I took this old pillowcase, cut the top off of it in a triangle so that there would be a flap to close the backpack:

I eye-balled the placement. I figure homemade doesn’t have to mean perfect!

Next, cut the straps off of the old purse and attach in a way that creates tie downs. I was fortunate enough that my old purse also had buckles, so I swiped those off so they would close realistically.


After I had the basic shape and straps made, I scoured my house (and Pen’s) for various things to attach.RenderedImage

I rolled up a green pillowcase and shoved a spatula inside of it, attached my coffee horn and pan, and tucked the Light of Earendil inside for safe keeping.


And, TA DA! One Samwise backpack, home-made and ready to roll!!!

Now for the rest of the costume!

I'm a big deal.
Samwise the Brave

The rest of the Samwise costume was super easy as I already owned a Frodo costume. With very little effort, I was able to re-purpose my home-made cloak, leaf broach, pants, vest, and shirt into something straight out of the shire.

I’m ready for adventuring!








What do you think of this easy DIY Sam costume? Nailed it or what?!

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Sweet, Sweet Spider Booty


Rindell Fairbairn

My name is Rindell, Rindell Fairbairn, Rin for short, and you have somehow managed to find Hangry Hobbits, so, welcome! I hail from the rollin’ green hills and my cozy hobbit hole in the Shire is where I hang my cloak. My mother is Primrose Proudfoot and my father is Falco Fairbairn. My evenin’s are spent goin’ with Pen down to the Green Dragon and getting’ a cold refreshin’ pint (they come in pints in the Shire, now, too!) and relaxin’ in the sun with my feet in the dirt and my back against a tall tree, “Old Toby” halfling’s leaf in hand (get it fresh from Pen’s garden), and it’s always a party to remember when Gandalf shows up with some of his fireworks! Though I’m not one to ever turn away from a shortcut to mushrooms, very rarely do I set foot outside of the Shire…if home is where the heart is, then my heart is in these the woods, the fields, the little rivers and grassy knolls, reliable wildflowers, and, of course, second breakfasts.

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