Custom Settlers of Catan Patio!

Hey Everyone! We know this isn’t LOTR themed, however, we have decided to start a new section solely devoted to our Nerdy Notions. So, eventually, this post will make its way over to our brand new section (as soon as I figure out how to set it up!) This way you can stay up-to-date on many other amazing things we are working on!

So, Hobbit Husband’s birthday is coming up tomorrow and I decided I needed to make an absolutely fantastic, blow his mind, he owes me for the rest of his life, present.

I was very specific in what I was looking for (it had to have a fire pit in the center, be able to be covered for board gaming, and have four chairs) and had been hunting for a solid patio set for 3-4 weeks when I stumbled upon this lovely piece:

Craigslist Patio Set Find!
It’s a start…but has a long way to go!

I knew that as-is was not going to cut it…so, I headed off to the fabric store with a VERY clear vision: This is going to be an epic Settler’s of Catan patio set, custom-made, for my favorite person in the whole world!

When I arrived at the fabric store, I was overwhelmed. It was my first solo fabric/project without Pen and I was feeling a little lost. Thankfully, several helpful employees were able to help me find EXACTLY what I wanted: Ore (okay, fine. It is river rock, but it is the best I could do!), wheat, brick, and tree! Now I just needed to find some sheepies to be thrown into the mix.

Ore, Wheat, Brick, Tree
Almost all of the resources I need to create an epic patio!

Pen was out of town and I desperately needed to use a sewing machine…thankfully, I have a key to her house! So, I let myself in and immediately got to work sewing cushion slip covers! Too bad I immediately hit various hitch-ups. Broken needle, couldn’t get the bobbin threaded, couldn’t get the needle to catch…I think I must have rage texted her for a solid 30 minutes before I finally got things working again! Definitely not too shabby for my first solo project, but the bottom cushions still needed a lot of love and a seriously good cleaning!

That cushion still needs some love...
That cushion still needs some love...
That cushion still needs some love...

I hand- washed and stain sprayed all of the bottom cushions, weather treated the new slip covers so that, while they wouldn’t be impermeable, they would at least hold up in rainy weather, and got to work sewing throw pillows and hunting for the perfect sheep accent!

Inside kitty gets outside privileges.
Thor Approves

I eventually found these amazing sheep pillows along with these sheep pillows from Ikea to use as accent pillows.

I used the remainder of the brick, tree, ore, and wheat fabric to make some additional throw pillows and give the whole set a more organized and together look. I then wiped everything down, top to bottom and made sure it was sparkling clean before putting the cushions back into place!

Still missing a few things...
Moving in the right direction!
Sad little wheat.
The wheat is so lonely!

I was definitely on the right track as you can see from the picture to the left, but I still hadn’t arrived yet! The Ikea sheep pillows had not been shipped, and it still really needed some great lighting.

I happened across these amazing crackle glass solar lamps at Fred Meyer for less than $5 a piece (A total score!!) and also strung up some little, solar-powered LED lights across the top of the patio set.  Next, realizing how barren and lonely my jar of wheat looked, I found an amazing tree branch with little light-up LED lights on it as decoration for the patio.

My parents (ma and pa hobbit), had asked what to send to Husband-Hobbit for his birthday. I thought a tea cart and a hummingbird feeder were just the things the space needed to give it that little something extra!…little did I know that the tea cart would arrive like this:

LOL too many parts!

To say that I was feeling slightly over my head and maybe a tad overwhelmed is laugh

Wrenching the kitties head!
Tiny wrench and hummingbird feeder

able! I poured myself a stiff drink, and began to set out parts in the order they were needed in order to assemble this beast of a tea cart. Thankfully, I had this super tiny wrench that came in the package to help me!

Finally, I used this amazing fabric found on Spoonflower (it also came a week before it was scheduled to arrive!) to make several tea towels for the cart.

I'm amazing.
Look at this diverse resource cornucopia!

This part of the patio is finished, and I think I absolutely nailed it!

Cute little man!
Artemis, my faithful sewing buddy.

I still had one pillow to make out of the catan fabric. Thankfully, my trusty side-kick, Artemis, was happy to keep me company as I hand sewed the whole case (not wanting to make an additional trip to use a sewing machine for just one pillow)!

This is the finished project and I’m SUPER proud about how it turned out. What do you think, do you think he will be surprised when he opens the blinds tomorrow to his new, custom made, Settlers of Catan themed patio?







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