Tolkien’s Birthday Bash-Slaying the Competition

Don't be greedy! Share the precious...Every year my friends and I participate in the Kennedy School Tolkien Birthday Bash.  They have live music, dancing, The Willamette Radio Workshop does a dramatic reading from The Hobbit, there is bountiful delicious food, the full screening of extended LOTR, and our favorite part, the costume...

Rindell Fairbairn

January 30, 2016

How to build your dragon! Part 1 of 2 (Smaug’s Head)

Don't be greedy! Share the precious...My friends and I always participate in McMennamin’s Kennedy School Tolkien Birthday Bash which includes a full viewing of the extended version of LOTR, live radio re-enactments of The Hobbit by the Willamette Radio Workshop, themed food, dancing, and, our favorite…the COSTUME CONTEST! This year,...

Rindell Fairbairn

January 12, 2016

So you think you can Elven?

Don't be greedy! Share the precious...I realized last week how incredibly long it has been since a.) I have posted an interesting blog article, and b.) watched LOTR….TOO LONG! I called up my good friend and we decided to have an impromptu LOTR extended DVD viewing party with an Elven themed...

Rindell Fairbairn

November 9, 2015